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EpoDye, 20 g (40300002)

Dye to be mixed into the mounting materials to be able to distinguish pores and cracks in the specimen when examination in a microscope.
In order to get the best results from
EpoDye it is necessary to have two
filters in the microscope: One filter
(400-440 nm) located between the light
source and the specimen, and another
filter (above 520 nm) located between
the specimen and the eye piece. Please
contact your microscope supplier to get
the right filter combinations.
Mixing ratio:
Epoxy resin: 1 L
EpoDye: 5 g

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Product Details

Fluorescent dye for use with EpoFix, ProntoFix, SpeciFix, CaldoFix, ClaroCit and ViaFix. Special filters for microscope required.


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