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DP-Suspension P, 1 µm. 125 ml (40600229)

Diamond suspension for the highest quality materialographic grinding and polishing. DP-Suspension P is a very high performing diamond product containing exclusively polycrystalline diamonds

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Product Details

Stable water-based polycrystalline diamond suspension in pump bottle for manual application. To be used in combination with DP-Lubricants. Lubricants ensure correct cooling and smearing of the material surface

Product Variations

Item No. Product Name Price
40600251 DP-Suspension P, 1 µm. 2.5 l Log in to see prices
40600342 DP-Suspension P, 1 µm. 5 l Log in to see prices
40600362 DP-Suspension P, 1 µm. 500 ml Log in to see prices


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