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RepliSet-GT1, 1 cartridge of 50 ml (40900079)

Replication system for non-destructive testing of a microstructure or a 3D structure. Fast curing two-part silicon rubber compound for flexible, high resolution 3D replicas. Available in 50 ml and 265 ml system, with corresponding hand-operated dispensing gun and static mixing nozzles

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Product Details

Replication system especially for comparator macroscopy and metrology. Particularly useful for replicating vertical or overhead surfaces. Thixotropic rapid curing compound with working life of 0.5 - 1 min. and curing time of 4 min. at 25° C. Dispensing gun (40900066) and static-mixing nozzles (40900088) are ordered separately

Product Variations

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40900077 RepliSet-GT1, 5 cartridges of 50 ml Log in to see prices


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