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Metalog Guide Y (Susp. P/Lub.)

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Method details

Method number: 57344-1318
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These methods are meant as a guide

All methods are generic methods. This means that the methods have been developed according to the following standard: 6 specimens of 30 mm diameter clamped in a specimen holder of 160 mm diameter (MAXCY).


  Step  PG FG 
  Surface MD-Piano 220DP-Plan
  Abrasive Type DP-Susp. P 9 µm
  Lubricant Type WaterDP-Blue
  Speed (rpm) 300150
  Force (N) / Specimen 3030
  Holder direction >>>>
  Time (min) 01:0004:00


  Step  P 
  Surface MD-Floc
  Abrasive Type DP-Susp. P 3 µm
  Lubricant Type DP-Blue
  Speed (rpm) 150
  Force (N) / Specimen 25
  Holder direction >>
  Time (min) 04:00

Method comments

PG Time: As needed. FG and P Steps: Lubricant DP-Blue can be replaced by Lubricant DP-Green.

This method is developed to fit a standard equipment configuration.

For advice on how to adjust the method to fit your equipment, please take a look at Preparation Parameters.

The preparation time for the plane grinding (PG) step depends very much on the condition of the samples and if they are prepared as single specimens or clamped in a specimen holder. Please check the samples after the first step and repeat it if necessary.

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